2nd Year Leaving Certificates

2nd Year Leaving Certificates


What’s Included:

  • Introductory meet via facetime (or face to face where practical)
  • On-going support/advice via phone/facetime/email/text
  • For both the student and the parent/guardian
  • Courses/colleges/applications/study/grant/issues at school etc
  • All queries quickly responded to
  • Supported out to beginning of next academic year ..special attention given to August – results/cao offers time.
  • Monthly prompts to students
  • Info for the parent/guardian via newsletter


Thank you for all your support for me throughout the year.. I cant thank you enough and look forward to my law degree in UCD.

Meadbh Roarty Leaving Cert 2019

Berni you have helped my daughter so much, always giving her options. I cannot tell you how much your support meant to us this year. Thank you again
Patricia Galvin 2019   


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