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Congratulations – you are half way there! This time next year you will be embarking on the next phase of your academic journey – this year goes so fast!! September can be a crazy month for Leaving Certs. Students are concerned with the different college applications and associated deadlines. Teachers are anxious to get started on the second half of your curriculum. It is your responsibility to make a start on revision of last year’s material.

A few tips from the Students Coach:

APPLICATIONS: If you know what you’re applying for, you’re sorted! However, if you are in the 80% of students who don’t know – fear not! There is still time – but you do need to start your investigation! If you’re unsure, you need to talk to a guidance professional as soon as possible. Hopefully your school counsellor can give you an early appointment, but their time is limited, and you may be restricted to one appointment which may take weeks.If you feel you need help immediately, the Students Coach can provide a highly effective on-line consultation.

In the meantime, it important to start investigating any career areas you might be interested in. Your first step is to do a desk top study e.g. google all the courses available in your chosen field and the entry requirements and points necessary for each. At this stage it is essential to talk to a guidance professional to assist you with shortlisting courses.

Depending on the career that you are interested in, it is important to at least consider UCAS and European applications in addition to CAO. Remember a few key points about the CAO applications:

1   It is a straightforward application process, once you’ve chosen your courses.

  1. In most cases, the application does not have to be completed until after your Leaving Cert.
  2. It is critically important to ensure that you list your choices strictly in order of preference irrespective of points!

If you are making an UCAS application now is the time to get started! Despite what many think, the application process is not a difficult one but does require guidance!!

Finally, it is also important to consider alternatives to college e.g apprenticeships, post leaving cert courses, repeating the leaving cert, deferrals etc. We will discuss this further in our next blog.


It is critical that you start revising last year’s material from week one of 6th year. If you develop a systematic approach you can still continue with extra-curricular activities and your stress levels will be significantly more manageable. It is very difficult to make steady progress without developing a study plan that works for you. There are a few points that need to be considered when developing a study plan:

  • The weekend is the best opportunity for revision.
  • Weekend homework should be completed on Friday to make time for important revision.
  • It is ideal to be specific in your plan not only about the subject you will study but also the subject topics / chapter you will revise.
  • At this stage, any content revision should be tested by completing associated past paper questions and then checking your answers. Studyclix makes this process easy!

The Student Coach Career Club offers individualised assistance with study plans.


Stress is a common element of the Leaving Cert experience.

  • Knowing what you want to do and having a goal reduces stress.
  • A systematic approach to study is an essential part of stress management.
  • Physical activity, eating healthily and proper sleep will actively enhance your academic achievement.

The Career Club at the students coach offers a comprehensive on-line support system to assist students with this busy year. This unique ‘buddy style’ programme gives you access to your own personalised career support professional throughout the year.

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